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Legal Ways to Uncover Infidelity

Although no one enjoys talking about it, or the thought that it is possible, infidelity does happen, and it can be extremely damaging in relationships.  Without a serious commitment to repair, the damage that affairs can cause in marriages can be unrepairable. Although many marriages end in divorce without any infidelity, with the recent survey


Should You Talk To Your Children About Details of Your Divorce?

Researchers and experts say yes, but perhaps not right away. Although many articles discourage parents from discussing divorce with their children, inevitably they are going to ask enough times to the point that they will deserve some answers. However, discussing details of your divorce with your children should not happen right away.  When deciding when


Common Misconceptions About Divorce in Florida

Practicing family law in Florida, we see clients come to us with many misconceptions about the divorce process in this state. Florida does come with different rules for the process, at times, so we thought we would debunk some of these common confusions.  This is NO Legal Separation in Florida  Florida is one of the