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8 Common Military Divorce Mistakes

When divorcing a military service member, there are differences than splitting up with another civilian. This isn’t your traditional divorce and there are unique things to be aware of in this situation. Experienced military divorce lawyer, Christina Anton Garcia, shares some of the most common mistakes people make in military divorce situations: Military Divorce Mistake


ACG Event: Unplanned Life Events and How They Affect Your Business

This past Thursday, Attorney Christina Anton Garcia spoke out to educate smaller groups on technical and relevant business topics. ACG hosted this Interactive Breakfast Series in order to encourage members, clients, and potential members to benefit from different topics. Attorney Christina Anton Garcia, as a family law specialist, spoke on the topic of divorce. Attendees


What are the Benefits of Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce is a respectful alternative to fighting in court, which brings some healthy rewards for everyone involved.  Though you may have good intentions, things can go awry during the traditional ‘I-win-you-lose’ adversarial process of divorce. Collaborative Divorce (CD) is a more civilized approach. The goal is to help clients end marriages as peacefully and