Tips on Exchanging Children for Timesharing

It appears that no matter where we look, the government is warning us against the risks of coming into contact with COV-19.  For parents with children, it is important to be cautious, as children are less likely to show signs of the virus, than the older population.

When it comes to exchanging children there are a few things that parents should take into consideration:

  1. Drop your child off with only what they need and coordinate with the other parent, so that you can lessen the likelihood of germs being transferred between homes. You can discuss this prior to the exchange.
  2. Discuss prior protocols with your coparent about restrictions or limitations for your children. These can include being around extended family members and neighbors.
  3. Share information with your coparent if someone in your house isn’t feeling well.
  4. Be sure to clean any solid surface items, and clothing, before sending them with your child to the other parent’s home to reduce the spread of germs; and
  5. Avoid public places, or indoor meeting locations. If the typical exchange is inside a library, or a restaurant—consider meeting outdoors in less crowded areas or dropping the child off at the other parent’s home if possible.