Justin Pearson

Justin Pearson

Christina, Enrico, and the Anton Garcia Law staff were nothing less than amazing!

They took my childrens case over after I worked with another lawyer on it for nearly two years. They had to start it over from scratch building my support and everything was completed in just over 3 months, exceeding all expectations.

The Anton Garcia staff made themselves available at all times, even over the Christmas holidays and took time to build a relationship and understanding with me, listen to me, and game plan so we all were on the same sheet of music and were constantly aware of different potential outcomes.

Enrico was a amazing professional lawyer, the best I’ve ever seen- the true standard of what every lawyer should emulate, some lawyers talk at you but he talked with you and was a superb listener. Enrico was flawless at diffusing emotions and managing the right mindset which guided our discussions. If I could choose him as my personal lawyer and coach I’d so- did I mention they did everything for me because I live out of state. I also want to note Enrico sent consistent and constant emails every step of the way…there wasn’t a 48 hour period in which I didn’t hear from him. Since I had horrible experiences with previous attorneys I was skeptical that my case would be worked from him as to him giving me the best representation.

There was never a time in which I questioned if I had made the right choice with hiring the Anton Garcia Law team! I really appreciated the check in texts to check up on me, this showed me they cared about my state of mind due to such a sensitive situation.

On top of such a great customer experience and being reasonably priced they refunded me the expenses that we did not use. I want to note this because most firms end up sending you a final bill verse a refund check because you never know how much of your money was used that was retained.

I’m so grateful to the Anton Garcia Team; they helped me in such a time of need with the best service and representation one could ask for. Stellar work from this team and rating them only a 5 out of 5 doesn’t reflect to how good they actually are!

Thank you Christina and Enrico for your protection, affordability, and phenomenal service!