Tampa Trial Attorneys

Tampa Trial Attorneys

Seek to Collaborate, Prepare to Litigate

In most Family Law cases, the best outcome is one that promotes understanding and agreement between family members. However, we have enough experience, to recognize that this is not always possible. Each situation is unique, many are complicated, and there are times that mediation simply will not work. Because of that, we have a team of highly experienced Family Law attorneys that are prepared to litigate your rights at Trial.

Excellent Representation Begins with Extensive Preparation

There is a lot more to a Family Law Trial than what is seen on the day of. It takes countless hours of discovery proceedings, document preparation, conducting depositions, and preparing witnesses to give testimony. Additionally, it can require Social Investigations, Reports from a Guardian ad Litem, Medical Examinations, Parenting Coordinator Evaluations, Testimony from Mental Health Professionals and Vocational Experts, Investigations by Forensic Accountants– the list is endless.  However, in some cases, we know that there is no other option, but moving forward with full force. We are able to utilize the vast network of Psychological, Financial, and Medical Professionals that we have built over the many years we have been in practice, in order to obtain your desired outcome.

Trial May Be Expensive, But Often It Can Be Worth It

Going to Trial in Family Law can be very expensive.  However, when considering the potentially high cost of litigation, it is important to also consider the cost and value of the assets at stake as well as any potential support awards that may be available or awarded.  For many high-income spouses or partners, the cost of going to trial can be well worth it in the end. Knowing which path to take in your Family Law case can be difficult to decide, however, it is important to determine which path, whether it be through mediation, or through trial litigation, is going to result in your desired outcome.

Our commitment is first and foremost to advocate for your legal rights and goals, and we are prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve your desired resolution. Our team of Family Law attorneys is well prepared to litigate in court when necessary. We will vigorously defend your rights and those of your children in any family law matter you face.

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