Tampa Parental Relocation Attorneys

Tampa Parental Relocation Attorneys

The experienced Tampa parental relocation attorneys at Anton Castro Law understand the legal requirements of parental relocation. When a parent seeks to move more than 50 miles away from his/her principal place of residence (address at the time of the last court order relating to timesharing), Florida law requires that he/she obtain the written consent of the other parent or petition the Court to allow his/her relocation with the minor child. If both parties agree to the relocation than the relocation agreement can simply be submitted to the Court for approval. Otherwise, the party seeking relocation must serve a petition for relocation of the other party.

Tampa Attorney’s Fees

A party can petition the Court to have his/her attorney’s fees paid by the other party. When deciding whether to order a party to pay the other’s attorney’s fees the Court considers the financial resources of the parties, among other factors. The greater the income and earning potential disparity, the more likely it is the Court will award the party in less financially fortunate circumstances attorney’s fees. Attorney’s fees can be awarded in divorce, paternity, support, modification, and post-judgment matters.

Tampa Mediation

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