Tampa Modification and Enforcement Lawyers

Tampa Modification and Enforcement Lawyers

Changing or Enforcing a Court Order in Hillsborough County, Florida

Even after you have finalized a divorce decree or family court order, you might find that circumstances continue to change. Maybe income or living situations have shifted since the original agreement, and the terms now seems unreasonable. Or, a spouse may be failing to comply with the order, and enforcement becomes necessary.

Experienced Help Modifying a Hillsborough County Court Order

When life changes are substantial and likely to impact you or your children, modification of your court order may be an option. There are many reasons to modify an existing legal agreement, though there is no obligation for the court to approve a modification request.

Some reasons for modification include:

  • An ex-spouse has an increase in income
  • An ex-spouse loses income and is unable to pay alimony
  • An ex-spouse remarries and doesn’t need alimony anymore
  • A parent becomes available to spend more time with a child due to job loss
  • A parent wishes to relocate for a better job opportunity
  • A child turns 18 and is no longer in need of child support

These are only some of the justifications for changing an established legal agreement.

Are you wondering whether your court order can or should be changed?

We have successfully handled numerous court order modifications and are familiar with circumstances similar to yours. We can help you decide if modification is possible or right for you and how best to pursue this impactful change.

How Our Experienced Lawyers Can Make a Difference

In Florida, the party seeking modification of a court order is the one who bears the burden of proof. Specific requirements must be satisfied for a modification request to be successful.

Without substantial evidence to support your request, it is unlikely the court will approve modification. Our knowledgeable family lawyers can help determine how to best improve the chances of a court granting your request.

Dedicated Help Enforcing a Court Order in Hillsborough County

When the other parent fails to pay child support, or your ex-spouse doesn’t pay alimony as agreed, it may be possible to have your agreement enforced. The same applies when a parent denies visitation with a child.

After enduring the trials of divorce, one of the least desirable scenarios for most people is being forced to struggle over support, custody or parenting issues. Seeking legal enforcement of a divorce decree, support agreement, custody order, or parenting plan can help restore balance to your life.

We can help you confidently take the steps necessary to enforce an existing family court order. There are many options, and we have experience with situations much like yours. We understand that visitation with your child and spousal or child support are important issues.

Getting the visitation you deserve, or the spousal or child support you were awarded will be our priority. In cases of failure to pay, we can pursue wage garnishment, property awards, tax return attachments, or other courses of action. You may even be able to recover attorney’s fees in cases of contempt. We will work vigorously on behalf of you and your children to hold your ex-spouse accountable to your agreement.

Request a Consultation to Discuss Your Modification or Enforcement Issue

Please don’t hesitate to set up a consultation with a member of our family law team today. We are dedicated to providing the legal support you need to ensure your rights and the rights of your children are being respected.

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Nelly, a Family Law client

I would like to thank attorney Christina Anton Garcia for such a superb job in our recent sensitive legal issue. It was a difficult situation for everyone involved, especially the children. She made us feel like our children matter, that we mattered and treated us with the utmost respect. Our family is grateful to her and her law firm for helping us win this battle. We would definitely recommend her and her services to everyone. Thank you again from all of us! You were truly a blessing.