Here are 6 Things to Do if You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

The common opinion is that Valentine’s Day sucks if you’re single. Those do not dare celebrate the holiday without a partner, because why would they? It’s for those that are married, dating or engaged, right? Well, we’re here to tell you that you CAN have a great Valentine’s Day if you’re divorced, widowed, or just straight-up single. Here’s how: 

Give Back to a Local Charity

Giving back is an excellent way to spread the love this Valentine’s Day. Our team at Anton Garcia Law loves volunteering and donating to charities in Tampa Bay like Meals on Wheels, Quantum Leap Farm, 1 Voice and more. Gather a group of friends or go solo to a volunteer event at a local organization. 

Have a Date for Your Kids 

Celebrate the holiday with your kiddos by taking them out to dinner and watching a movie at home. Enjoy COVID-friendly activities like a socially-distanced movie, crafts at home, cooking night and more. It’s always important to make your children feel special, but Valentine’s Day is even more of an excuse! 

Treat Yourself to a Spa Day 

What better way to celebrate V-Day than to have a spa day?! Book services at your favorite local spa or stock up on products to treat yourself at home. Giving yourself the self love you deserve will leave you feeling refreshed and glowing!

Enjoy an Old Past Time 

Break out the sketch pad, painting brushes, hot glue gun or that one thing you haven’t taken out of the closet in years. Have a date with creativity and do something you haven’t enjoyed in a while! You’ll be surprised how much it motivates and inspires you. 

Cook Yourself (and Maybe a Friend) an Elegant Meal 

Valentine’s Day is about splurging so head to the store and purchase a steak, lobster or even scallops and cook yourself a delicious meal. Crank out a cookbook or head to Google to find a recipe worth whipping up. If you don’t feel like dining alone, invite a friend over to eat with you! 

Video Chat with Someone Who Makes You Feel Special

Whether it’s a best friend, mom, dad, cousin or sibling, take some time out of your Valentine’s Day to call up someone that means a lot to you.  Dr. Kevin Gilliland, Psy.D., licensed clinical psychologist, says “a romantic partner is just one type of love, and it takes more than one type for us to grow into the fullness of who we are. The research tells us that a variety of loving, meaningful relationships are good for our mental and physical health. It’s part of our DNA.”


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