Good Reads During Quarantine to Improve Relationships

Whether you have been happily married for a long time, or you are looking for resources to help ‘tune up’ your marriage, there is a relationship and/or self-help book out there for everyone. Below are some of the books we recommend for couples, parents, or even singles to read during their downtime in quarantine.

For Couples Struggling with Deciding Whether to Divorce:

  • What Makes Love Last (Gottman): What Makes Love Last has a lot of great tips for how to make your relationship work. In addition, it has some surveys that you can do together as a couple to see where your relationship may need some improvement, or whether the relationship is beyond repair.
  • Codependency No More (Beattie): If you are struggling in your marriage, and you feel like you are constantly changing your behavior to protect your spouse, or you modify your behavior to prevent outbursts by your spouse, you may be exemplifying co-dependency behavior. If so, Codependency No More is a great book to help you break that cycle and regain control of your own life.
  • Becoming the Narcissists Nightmare (Arabi): Although spotting a narcissist can be very tricky, it can be even more challenging to break the cycle and leave that relationship. In Becoming the Narcissist’s Nightmare, author Shahida Arabi gives readers the tools and strength they need to break this cycle for good, without looking back.

For Couples Looking to Strengthen Their Marriage:

  • Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work (Gottman): Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work is a great book for strengthening your marriage. There are good tips as well as exercises in the book, that can help you learn to habits and develop new skills to improve your relationship.
  • The Relationship Cure (Gottman): The Relationship Cure is a five-step guide to strengthening marriage, family, and friendships. Like all of John Gottman’s books, there are exercises, tools and other tricks to opening up communication and improving your relationship.
  • Hold Me Tight (Johnson): Sue Johnson is known as the mother of emotional focused therapy. Her book Hold Me Tight teaches couples how to navigate some of the more difficult conversations in marriages.
  • A Man’s Guide to Women (Gottman): A Man’s Guide to Women is another great book by John Gottman that is directed at men to help them better understand how a woman’s mind works, and uses research from his ‘Love Lab’ in Seattle to give direct examples and tips on what men can do to help strengthen their marriage.

For Christian Couples, Singles and Parents

  • Boundaries (Cloud and Townsend): The book Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend is a must read for just about anyone. If you are someone who likes to say ‘yes’ and help whenever you can, but often feel yourself becoming overwhelmed and possibly even resentful, this is the book for you! The book was perceived so well that the authors have expanded from their book Boundaries to cover more specific categories. The books are biblically based and use Christian principals to help readers learn how establish boundaries in their lives and stop feeling the weight of others’ burdens. Some of the other Boundaries books include:
    • Boundaries in Marriage
    • Boundaries in Dating
    • Boundaries with Kids
    • Boundaries with Teens
    • Boundaries for Leaders