Five Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes in a divorce are surprisingly easy to make because it’s a tumultuous time in people’s lives as they close one chapter and warily begin a new one.


While there’s no way around a mistake-free divorce, there are ways to avoid five of the most common.


In this blog, we’re digging deeper so you won’t be caught off guard during your divorce proceedings. 


You Refuse to Compromise


If you couldn’t compromise in your marriage, you have to learn how to compromise in your divorce. You need to go into it with the mindset that you aren’t going to get everything that you want. You’ll have to bend on some things and you have to be OK with it. The more you resist and try and get your way on everything, the longer and more difficult the process will be. 


You Forgot to Close Your Joint Accounts


It might seem like a minute detail, but it’s important that you close your joint accounts as soon as possible. Even if your spouse agrees to pay a debt, you can be held liable if your name is on the account. 


Furthermore, you should also remove your ex as an authorized user on credit cards and transfer the debts to his or her new accounts so they are the only one responsible.


You’re Not Thinking Long Term


You become so caught up in the details of the present that you forget to look forward beyond the divorce proceedings. From financials to custody, there’s a lot of information being thrown at you at once. 


While it’s easy to get caught up in the details, short-sightedness can cause long-term problems. 


Take your time and look at all of your decisions from a big-picture perspective. This means that you can’t give in to knee-jerk reactions. Give yourself the time and space to think things through and make educated decisions with the future in mind.


You’re Hitting Below the Belt


If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. These are words to live by while going through a divorce especially if kids are involved. Not only is mudslinging and constant below-the-belt comments unnecessary, they fan the fire of the divorce and make things harder than they have to be. 


If your ex is the one guilty of taking jabs, don’t give he/she the satisfaction of your reaction. 


It’s hard, but do your best to keep your cool and your comments to yourself!


You’re Not Your Biggest Advocate


Yes, compromise is necessary in a divorce, but that doesn’t mean that you need to concede on everything. During a divorce, you need to pick your battles and become your biggest advocate so that you don’t lose your voice. No matter how ugly a divorce gets, don’t let that short-term pain lead you to make bad long-term decisions. Stand up for yourself and believe that you deserve what you’re fighting for. 


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