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What Does Child Support Cover?

All states have established legal child support guidelines which help lawyers and the judge to determine a fair amount of child support a parent may need to pay every month. There are numerous factors considered with respect to this amount. These include the parent’s income and the needs of the child. Should these circumstances change,


Therapy Might Be Beneficial During a Divorce. Here’s Why.

We’ve said this time and time again, but divorce is never easy to navigate alone, and while seeking counsel from friends and family is beneficial, seeing a professional therapist might be the next step you need to take. Especially in a collaborative divorce, it is recommended to have a “team” consisting of financial, psychological and


Legal Ways to Uncover Infidelity

Although no one enjoys talking about it, or the thought that it is possible, infidelity does happen, and it can be extremely damaging in relationships.  Without a serious commitment to repair, the damage that affairs can cause in marriages can be unrepairable. Although many marriages end in divorce without any infidelity, with the recent survey