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Do I Qualify for Alimony?

Do I qualify for alimony? There are many factors to consider when determining whether someone is entitled to alimony following their divorce. The general principle is that alimony is based on the need of one spouse,  and the ability to pay by another. The Florida Statutes sets out 10 factors that help determine the amount of


Planning For “What If” Before You Say “I Do”

Most people don’t get married thinking about – let alone planning for – divorce but the fact of the matter is divorce happens. And while it’s certainly not a romantic notion to think about ‘what if’ while you say ‘I do,’ it’s also not a terrible idea, either. Even those who aren’t rich or famous


Michael Moore Divorces After 22-year Marriage

Filmmaker Michael Moore’s divorce, ending his 22-year marriage to Kathleen Glynn, reached a settlement on Tuesday, July 23, 2014. After the divorce went public the couple was found to have nine large homes and a worth of $50 million; a fact that does not match up with Moore’s persona as being part of the 99