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Michael Moore Divorces After 22-year Marriage

Filmmaker Michael Moore’s divorce, ending his 22-year marriage to Kathleen Glynn, reached a settlement on Tuesday, July 23, 2014. After the divorce went public the couple was found to have nine large homes and a worth of $50 million; a fact that does not match up with Moore’s persona as being part of the 99


Collaborative Divorce Training

This past weekend, Attorney Christina Anton Garcia and Attorney Amanda M. Brill attended Collaborative Divorce Training by the Collaborative Divorce Institute. Collaborative divorce offers parties an alternative method for resolving issues by placing the parties and their chosen counsel in a setting that focuses the participants on settlement by removing the threat of litigation.  Outside experts such as


New Jersey Court Rules on a Case of First Impression: Mother Can Exclude Father from Delivery Room

Recently, a New Jersey Superior Court Judge ruled, in Plotnick v. DeLuccia, that a putative father has no right to be notified when an expectant mother goes into labor, nor can the father be present in the delivery room without the mother’s approval.   This issue is one of first impression in the entire country.  A