Best Jobs for Single Parents or Stay at Home Parents

Following a divorce, there are many changes that are going to happen in the household. One of which is often a stay at home parent having to go back to work.  Sometimes this is by choice, and other times it is necessary to meet the demands of an elevated lifestyle.  Although spousal support and child support are available, it can be unrealistic to expect to be able to maintain the same lifestyle in two households on one income post-divorce. With the improvements in technology and the ability to work remotely, finding a job for a single parent following a divorce has never been easier. Below is a wide range of jobs that are great for stay at home parents and single parents.



Real Estate Agent 


Real estate is a great market to get into regardless of what stage of life you are in. Typically, being a real estate agent allows you the opportunity to create your own schedule, making it a great job choice for single parents. You can work around your family’s schedule and daily to-do’s. It doesn’t require a college degree, and you can obtain a real estate license in a relatively short period of time after the completion of a real estate course, and passing the state real estate exam.



Content Writer 


Being a content writer is a great job option for stay at home parents or single parents.  As a blog writer, you will work as an independent contractor. A company may hire you directly, or a media marketing company may hire you to ease their workload.   This allows you to work as little or as much as you’re comfortable with. Many companies seek writers with knowledge in specialty areas. If you have expertise in the medical field, parenting, teaching, etc. then you may be able to earn higher compensation.


Life Coach 

A life coach is a great job for the right person. People with the natural ability to consul and motivate others, make great life coaches. Life coaches help ease the stress in other’s lives and help them organize their day-to-day. As a cross somewhere between a counselor and a personal assistant, life coaches are paid well and the hours are flexible.


Web and Graphic Design 


Website building and graphic design are big expanding industries, and often can go hand in hand.  It can be a little challenging to start and get your name out there, but once you do, the opportunities are endless. Designing websites, or assisting in marketing requires nothing more than you, your computer, and an eye for branding and marketing. The best part is, this career allows people to work remotely, and typically on their own schedule.  





Blogging seems to be the go-to choice for many stay at home women. For some, it is worth every minute spent getting the right picture. It takes a bit of time to build a strong foundation of followers, but once you do, the opportunities are endless. Bloggers build a strong community that can be a great support system for anyone transitioning to a new phase of their life, such as single parenthood.


Freelance Interior Decorator or Property Flipper


If people are often complimenting your style, maybe it is time to turn it into a business. You can use your home as your showroom, and begin to build your brand from the ground up.   Additionally, if you have the cash, and feel confident in your knowledge of local real estate, consider flipping a property. You can check up on the property when you have time, and typically you can bring your kids with you, as long as the area is safe. 



Take Your Skills to Etsy


It may sound cliché, but Etsy has opened a world of opportunities for many people who choose to stay at home. If you have crafty skills, it’s time to put them to use! You can sell an array of handmade items on Etsy; From jewelry to curtains, to pillows, and stationery.  You can work from home and create your own schedule.  There are endless opportunities once you dive in and get started. 





Another great skill to put to good use is your ability to speak a second language and becoming a translator. Companies need translators for business transactions, legal transactions, and various other communications. Many jobs as a translator call or you to work remotely. In some cases, you may schedule in-person jobs, but the timing is very flexible.



Court Mediator 


There is a need for good court mediators.  Although it requires clinical hours, and a course to get started, it can be a really fulfilling career that you can build around your own schedule.  Often mediators set their schedule by half-day or full-days. The great thing about being a mediator is that there is no requirement for office space.  Although some mediators choose to have an office, there is often always the option to hold mediation conferences at the offices of attorneys to hold a mediation conference. 



Virtual Teacher


There is an abundance of opportunities for teachers these days, especially for single parents who work from home.  Florida Virtual School has teachers that work remotely to teach children.  In addition, there are co-ops that incorporate distance learning into their curriculum.  A new trend in teaching involves teachers in the United States teaching English to students abroad.  In some cases, a parent can finish teaching a class to students in China before their child even gets out of bed in the morning.  Additionally, teaching at a school can be a great benefit, as a parent can see their child every day, and even potentially gets them into a great school that may be out of their district otherwise.  



Sales Representative or Customer Support Representative 


Although the hours are not often as flexible, many sales representatives and customer support representatives are able to work remotely these days. Depending on the company, the qualifications can vary.  However, there are great perks in working in sales. If you work for a larger company, there is a lot of opportunities to advance and move up in the company, as well as the benefits of working for a larger company (insurance, 401k programs) that you would be required to provide separately for yourself if you worked as an independent contractor or sole-proprietor. 





If you were able to walk out of your divorce with a fair amount of excess cash, consider what you can do with that money.  Property can often be a great investment, and rental properties can be a great source of income.  Often there is little work involved, and renting out property can generate steady and consistent cash flow.  Over time you may even be able to expand your property portfolio.  



Event Planner or Designer


Another job that is flexible enough to work from anywhere is being an event planner or designer.  As an event planner, you might plan events for corporate clients or smaller private events for individuals. Typically, an office is not necessary.  Great connections to local vendors and hopefully some friends to act as helping hands, at least in the beginning, will start you off on the right foot. The only potential downside is most events do occur at night, or on weekends, which can be hard as a single parent. Luckily you have some leeway in choosing the days and times that work best to fit your family’s schedule.  



Wealth Manager 


Becoming a wealth manager, or a stockbroker is a great job for a single parent with a background in finance who wants to add flexibility to their schedule.  Although it takes a bit more qualifications than the careers stated above, with the right education, it can be an extremely lucrative business, and allow an ample amount of free time.  Additionally, it can be done from almost anywhere. 



Business Consultant


Business consulting is another very lucrative and flexible career for someone with the right experience.  Typically, the right candidate has been someone who has been in the business industry for an extended period of time with great success and has built a reputation that precedes them in doing so.  This type of knowledge and guidance is often sought after by companies looking to grow and expand. Although it may involve a number of days in the office, as a consultant, you have more flexibility in creating your schedule, and working when it suits you best. 


This list is far from inclusive of all the job opportunities out there for single or stay at home parents post-divorce. Going back to work after being out of the workplace for many years can seem unsettling. Use this as an opportunity to seek a new and exciting path.  This can be a chance to really reinvent yourself, and discover more about yourself and your talents. Most importantly, you are going to be teaching your children invaluable lessons on life and family along the way.