Archive of Retired Blog Posts: 2010-1014

Archive of Retired Blog Posts: 2010-1014

Red Light Cameras Investigated


Some Florida cities and counties are using short yellow lights  and questionable right-on-red enforcement to rack up millions of dollars in red light camera violations.

The attorneys at Anton Castro Law proudly represent individuals faced with these head-scratching citations. If you, or someone you know, receives a red light camera violation, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

For an interesting article on the topic of red light cameras and right-on-red enforcement, check out this article.

War Letters


Veterans Day is about honoring those who have served our country.  On this Veterans Day, Andrew Carroll is doing so by showcasing letters written on the battlefield in “The Legacy Project.” The Legacy Project compiles letters from all different wars.  Each letter paints a vivid picture of one soldier’s service. Some letters are stained with blood, others are written on Adolf Hitler’s stationary, and some were written from the inside of the ship at Pearl Harbor. These letters help remind us that these wars aren’t just a distant memory, and they affected real people and are still affecting them today.

In hopes that we never forget the sacrifices our veterans have made, Andrew Carroll and “The Legacy Project” have collected upwards of 90,000 letters that will be saved for the scholars of the next generation. These letters will be used as another way to honor our veterans, and never let our future generations forget their country’s past.  Anton Castro Law salutes our veterans and thanks them for their service!

Hillsborough County Judge Signs Off on Fourth Administrative Order Regarding Collaborative Divorce


On July 31, 2012 Hillsborough County Chief Judge Manuel Menendez, Jr. signed the fourth administrative order in the State of Florida regulating collaborative Divorce.  Collaborative divorce is a relatively new practice that seeks to offer couples an alternative to litigating divorce in the courts.  A team of two lawyers and often psychologists, business appraisers and accountants come together and discuss the best way to resolve all issues involved in the dissolution of a marriage.  The order signed in July will draw more attention from the public. 

The RNC Comes To Town


As the Republican National Convention draws near, there has been an increase in information regarding the impact it will have on the Tampa Bay Region. In our current world of 40 character or less tweets and facebook status updates, it’s more important than ever to obtain information from verified, credible sources. Listed below is a PDF that provides helpful information.

The Thirteenth Judicial Circuit concept for operations

Whatever side of the political spectrum you fall, the RNC is certain to bring enthusiasm and national attention to the Tampa Bay Region.

Law Update: Stalking and Injunctions


Civil injunctions, sometimes referred to as restraining orders, have long protected Floridians against domestic, repeat, dating and sexual violence. The Florida Supreme Court recently adopted an amendment to also include stalking as a basis for injunctive relief.

Stalking is defined in Florida Statute 784.048 as, “Any person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows, harrases, or cyberstalks another person.” Depending on the facts of the case, those that commit stalking face a maximum penalty of 364 days in jail for a first degree misdemeanor charge, or 5 years in prison for a third degree felony.

NBC’s Eight on Your Side Investigates the Department of Revenue’s New Computer System


In a recent investigation by NBC Eight on Your Side, it appears a new computer system is keeping some parents from getting their child support money while others are left paying too much.  Eight on Your Side found that the Department of Revenue, Child Support Division, switched over to new computer system late last year.  With this new system in place, many cases started falling through the cracks.  When frustrated citizens attempted to contact the Department of Revenue, they were instructed that computer “system” has exhausted all efforts and that the system runs itself, leaving those who have problems, nobody to contact for answers.  When Eight on Your Side questioned the Director of Child Support Enforcement about this, the Director insured that it was merely a temporary problem resulting from implementing a brand new system and that the Department Of Revenue is working to correct the issue.  However, Florida State Senator, Rhonda Storms, is calling for the state’s Chief Financial Officer to investigate this problem.  Department of Revenue states that there are only about 1% of people that this computer glitch has affected. However, a USA survey paints a very different result, reflecting about 34% of 111,000 families that are affected.

Though it is not entirely clear when this problem will be fixed, it appears this child support payment system is having an impact on many families and the daily lives of their children.  When parents do not receive their child support checks they are unable to fully provide for their children. Those parents should seek representation to help correct these missed payments.

Tampa Bay has 10th Highest Divorce Rate in U.S.


Tampa Bay Business Journal reports that Tampa Bay has 10th highest divorce rate among the 200 largest metros in the U.S. With a population of 2,257,174 people in the Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater area in 2009, 15.9% (or 358,890 people) of that population is divorced or separated. The remainder of the population’s marital status: 47.35% are now married (excluding those that are separated); 7.61% are widowed; and the remaining 29.14% have never married. To see Tampa Bay Business Journal’s article, please click here.