Ahoy Mates! Invade Gasparilla With The Help of Uber and Lyft!

Ride to avoid drunk driving

Don’t think twice about getting behind the wheel after engaging in alcoholic-related activities. Especially with Gasparilla right around the corner, we want to ensure the safety of our Tampa community! No one will be pleased to hear about a silly Pirate attempting to sail away in his ship after tomorrow’s festivities. Uber and Lyft are there to assist at any time of day, any day of the week. Be safe, celebrate safe, and travel safe this coming Gasparilla!

RIDE-SHARING: The New Public Transportation!

As you may have heard, there has been much controversy over the use of ride-sharing companies, such as Uber or Lyft. Taxi companies and some counties have not welcomed them with open arms by any means. Uber and Lyft fight back with claims they are not considered a taxi service, and a taxi service they are not.

What is Uber and Lyft?

Uber and Lyft are personalized transportation services that are accessed through an app-based technology. Riders who wish to use the service will request an Uber/Lyft driver where they can then watch the driver on a GPS system to show their ETA. There is no direct handling of money at the end of their ride, the rider is simply charged by their credit card they signed up with and then are, in most cases, asked to rate the driver. Each driver operates using their own vehicles, some may even “spice” up their vehicle by offering snacks or beverages to their riders. Uber and Lyft companies mandate each driver to go through extensive background checks to ensure their riders are in good hands.

Taxi companies are not happy about this new competition. Frankly, taxi companies do not provide the quality service that Uber or Lyft provides. Taxi services are unreliable, expensive, and unsafe compared with Uber. It is always a guessing game if the taxi-cap will show up on time or even at all. With Uber or Lyft you know the exact location of your ride, along with a tracking GPS, time of arrival, and notification of when they arrive. All payments are made through the App itself which improves the safety of both the rider and driver. Lastly, the average Uber/Lyft driver’s vehicle is noticeably cleaner and mechanically sound than a taxi.

Keeping the Streets Safe by Reducing Drunk Driving in Tampa

Not only is Uber or Lyft a readily available ride but it is also creating a significant impact in the safety of our Tampa community. ​This availability and affordability of rides provides citizens with an alternative to drunk driving. Uber estimated that by the entrance of their service in an area it can cause the number of arrests for DUI to decrease by more than 10%! This is significant to the safety of those partaking in alcohol-related events and also to innocent bystanders.

MADD & Uber: A New Bond in the Fight Against Drunk Driving

Not to any shock, but Mothers Against Drunk Driving has teamed up with Uber! Together they are working toward a world where a safe ride is always within reach and where drunk-driving is a thing of the past. The belief is that when given more options of transportation, people are making better choices that save lives.

In a survey done in California, these thoughts are proven!

  • 78% of all respondents to a survey agreed that friends are less likely to drive drunk since the arrival of ridesharing services like Uber to their city.
  • 93% would recommend their friends take Uber instead of driving if they’d been drinking alcohol

This is proof how ride-sharing is impacting our communities! Let’s keep the trend going! Uber and Lyft are here to help keep you safe and happy by providing you with a guaranteed ride from point A to B with no fuss! Read the Uber and MADD report highlights or, if you want to know more about the study which was conducted in several U.S. cities, including Miami, view the original Uber and MADD report on drunk driving in PDF format.


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