5 Tips to Make Your Divorce as Easy as Possible

When people think about divorce, thoughts of yelling matches, tension, anger, tears, you name it, come to mind. We default to thinking that every divorce is messy. In reality, if done correctly, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 


In many cases, the couple realizes they are better off apart, agree that a divorce is their best course of action, and go their separate ways without terse words. 


A clean divorce is always the goal and in this blog post we’re offering five helpful tips that you should keep in mind to make yours as easy and painless as possible. 


Get organized

There are controllable aspects of a divorce and part of that is making sure that you have your ducks in line before the proceedings begin. There are lots of decisions and paperwork that go into a divorce. Make sure you’re well versed on your assets and financial situation. This will be a big help not only when it comes time to negotiate, but to plan ahead for your new life after your divorce. 


Don’t play the blame game

If you want an amicable divorce, don’t get lost in the he-said-she-said, finger-pointing game. Trying to shift blame on your spouse will do nothing but cause stress, problems and resentment. In the long-run it muddies the water and makes the divorce more difficult than it needs to be. 


Lean on your support system

There are times when a difficult divorce is inevitable. Rather than internalizing your emotions, find an outlet to talk through what you’re feeling. Whether it’s a formal support group, family, or close friends, find an outlet (that’s not your kids) to vent and talk through the particulars of your divorce. Though it won’t change the circumstances, verbalizing your emotions and hearing the opinions of someone you trust can help you get through your divorce with a healthy mindset. 


Pick your battles

When you feel the urge to stir the pot, take a step back and ask yourself, “Is it really worth it?” Odds are, it’s not and you just saved yourself from an unneeded argument. Think about it, if you really want the master bedroom furniture set, is it really worth arguing over an end table in the spare bedroom? 


Trying to be “right” throughout the duration of your divorce proceedings won’t get you anywhere so continually remind yourself to think of the big picture when you want to argue over something small or trivial.


Don’t do it alone

Divorce can be confusing. The laws vary from state-to-state and if you’re not paying attention to the fine print and particulars, you could find yourself in a tough situation.


That’s why it’s important to lean on the education and experience of a divorce attorney. 


From the first consultation to the conclusion of your case, our Tampa attorneys at Anton Garcia will work with you and guide you to the best possible outcome. 


You can trust that your best interests are our top priority. 


If you need guidance and advice through your divorce proceedings, we can help. Contact us today.